Instant, drug free relief from PMS, PMDD and dysmenorrhea.

Solutions for women, with science at the core.

Samphire's pioneering neuromodulation treatments deliver mood and pain relief to women everywhere.

We’re creating a new standard of care by developing scientifically validated wearable technologies.
In Development

The Samphire Hairband*

Currently under development, the Samphire Hairband is a proprietary medical device that uses medical-grade tES (transcranial electrical stimulation) to provide non-invasive neuromodulation.

The Samphire Hairband is designed to change the way pain and mood challenges are experienced by the more than one billion women world-wide who suffer from pain and mood challenges every cycle.

*Currently undergoing clinical trials.



options for PMS
and PMDD.


changes in mood
and pain, every cycle.
Built on

30+ years

of clinical evidence
around the world.


into existing lifestyles.
Coming in


across Europe and the USA.


deserve science-driven solutions.

Want to try the Samphire Hairband?

Usability trials are in progress across the Americas and Western Europe. Participants spend time with the Samphire Hairband, evaluate its performance, and assist in its further development. Regular recruitment calls are announced on our mailing list.

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Not just built for women, built with women.

The Samphire Fellowship: Making technology serve women better.

Since the beginning, the core Samphire team has been joined by a legion of professionals, all around the world. Together, they are the Samphire Fellowship.

The Fellowship is global, with members in almost every timezone. Samphire Fellows receive early access to Samphire’s designs, developments, and solutions - and help build better healthcare outcomes for women everywhere. New cohorts start regularly.

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We're a small global team.

We are scientists, feminists, engineers, designers, lawyers, students and more.

We bring scientific rigour, women-first design and humility to work every day. We are bound by our passion to improve the future of women’s health. If you think like us, or even better - if you don’t - you should consider joining the Samphire team.

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Our supporters

Samphire is supported by large institutional funds, research organisations, and passionate angels from around the world. A subset of these are displayed below.