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A non-invasive medical solution for symptoms associated with PMS, PMDD and menstrual pain. Undergoing certifications, releasing soon.

Limited space remaining in the exclusive first release. 👇

What good is it to know you'll feel like cr*p next Thursday, if there's nothing you can do about it?

All women, ever.*

* Quote from a Samphire user. The average symptomatic woman reports losing 23.2 days per year (Schoep et al., 2019).

Meet the Samphire Headband.

Samphire’s proprietary technology stimulates specific brain areas to improve key physical and mental symptoms associated with PMS, PMDD and menstrual pain. All in an easy-to-use headband, seamlessly fitting into your routine and lifestyle.

The Samphire Headband benefits most symptomatic women.

Find out if it's right for you in our three minute eligibility assessment →

Target the toughest symptoms.

If you’re anything like the average woman, you likely lose 23 days a year to menstrual symptoms. That’s more than twice the average annual holiday allowance in the US, and almost the entire annual holiday allowance in the UK.

While your menstrual cycle is an important biological reality, severe menstrual symptoms are not. What if you could get that month back?

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All women deserve state of the art technology for their basic needs. However, we will have a limited supply of the Samphire Headband at launch in Q1 2024. Express interest now to guarantee access and support our mission.

Exclusive waitlist benefits
$200 discount off standard price ($449)
No payment required today
Guaranteed access after medical approval.
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Built for and with
women just like you.

In addition to our industry leading clinical research, we have been testing the Headband with a select group of women around the world. Every story is different, but each found Samphire. You may too.

“Since starting to use the Headband, I noticed a huge difference in my symptoms, especially my mental state. Every woman could benefit from this.”

— Mikaela*

*We defend our users' right to privacy. Real quotes from real users, but names are changed.

"This cycle I didn’t have to take even one pain killer throughout my period, which is never the case. Ever. This Headband works like some kind of magic."

— Rose*

* We defend our users' right to privacy. Real quotes from real users, but names are changed.

Take control of your menstrual cycle.

We’re setting a new standard of care by delivering access to clinically validated medical wearables.

Non-invasive and drug free.

Non-invasively stimulate brain areas responsible for pain perception and emotional regulation during your cycle.
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Quick and easy.

20 minute long sessions designed to seamlessly integrate into your routine, five to seven days a month.
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Backed by science.

Developed by a world class team collaborating with leading scientists and women’s health experts.
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Deep investments in research.

We’re running the world’s first studies on crucial areas of women’s health and neuroscientific research.
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