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or 149.66/month for three months with 0% interest from PayPal*

Using advanced neurotechnology previously only available in clinical settings, Nettle improves your menstrual cycle health by transforming your brain’s neural networks. As the world's first non-pharmacological solution to PMS and menstrual pain, Nettle is clinically tested, non-invasive, and free from drugs and hormones.

Nettle currently only ships to UK delivery addresses. Free express shipping on all orders

What's included

  • Nettle wearable headband for at-home use.
  • 1 Year membership to our CycleSync app for early adopters.
  • Dedicated support 7 days a week in-app and over email to get you started.
  • Accessories: Refill Case, Organic Cotton Pouch, Organic Bamboo Towel, Squeeze Bottle, Charger (UK and EU), User Manual
  • 1 Year Supply of Refills (Electrode Covers and Salt Sachets).
  • Medical grade wearable neurotechnology headband
  • Feel the difference in 20 minutes a day, the 5 days before your cycle
  • Nettle currently only ships to UK delivery addresses
Whats included
  • Nettle wearable headband
  • 1 Year membership to our CycleSync app for early adopters
  • Charger (UK and EU compatible)
  • Instructions for Use
  • Accessories: Refill Case, Organic Cotton Pouch, Organic Bamboo Towel, Squeeze Bottle
  • 1 Year Supply of Refills (Electrode Covers and Salt Sachets)
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If Nettle is unavailable to order right now, ↗ sign up to our waitlist and we'll notify you when pre-orders are live.

How To Use

Using Nettle is easy, and we built it to integrate seamlessly into your daily life.

You will receive a link to download the Samphire Neuroscience mobile app in your email after you place your order. For pre-orders, please wait until mid-July to receive this.

Download the Samphire Neuroscience mobile app and optionally set up CycleSync - our cycle tracking and symptom logging feature, which notifies you when your first Nettle session is due. The app will walk you through how to use the headband, you can also watch a demonstration ↗ here.

Run each 20 minute session while meditating, doing breath work, replying to emails, watching TV or anything your heart desires on that day. Staying consistent yields the best results. Trust the process and enjoy your journey!


You are agreeing to pre-order Nettle. Please note that Nettle will ship in August. All orders receive free express shipping to addresses in the United Kingdom. You will be notified when your order ships.


We spent over three years conducting research and rigorous clinical testing to develop Nettle, and we believe in the quality and efficacy of our technology. Nettle users benefit from a 90-day returns period in which to experience Nettle, as well as additional rights under consumer legislation. Find out more in our ↗ returns policy.



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Using Nettle is easy.

We designed Nettle to be versatile, allowing you to use it at home, on the go, or even while on vacation—practically anywhere and everywhere. Setting up your device takes less than a minute, and all the accessories conveniently fit into a pouch provided by us. Check out our short video that shows you how to prepare Nettle for use.

Your journey with Nettle

Like all good things, Nettle takes time to work, and you won't feel results overnight. It's not like popping a pill or using a quick fix. Instead, Nettle needs consistent use over at least three cycles to show its full effects. This way, you're making steady progress without any sudden changes to your mind or body.

Cycle 1

This is the activation phase. Your brain begins to adapt to brain stimulation, with initial neural pathways starting to regenerate and respond to the electrical pulses. Most users feel a reduction in pain as soon as the first cycle.

Cycle 2

You are reminded to use Nettle by the Samphire mobile app which you will have cycle synced with. During your second cycle, the effects of brain stimulation begin to strengthen. At the brain level, you are experiencing enhanced neuroplasticity, with neural pathways starting to regenerate.

Cycle 3

You have reached the strengthening phase where you will start to fully experience Nettle's effect on mood and pain symptoms. At this stage, for most users, neuromodulation rebalances the brain fluctuations typical in the premenstrual phase, empowering you to feel your best throughout your cycle.

Real life stories from Nettle users

Nettle was built with the participation of over 100 women in clinical and usability trials. Hear their stories in their own words.

Meet Divya*

"I feel a lot more in control, after just one month."

One of Nettle's first users, Divya experienced severe mood fluctuations before her period. A few years ago, she recognised that her symptoms resembled depression and sought treatment, but traditional methods were less effective than she had hoped. Since using Nettle, she reports a significant calming of the chaos she used to experience.

Meet Abby*

"Finally, something that worked for me."

One of our early usability trial participants, Abby struggled with debilitating period pains and anxiety for as long as she can remember. She tried birth control and over-the-counter painkillers but found that the former worsened her condition, while the latter provided only temporary relief.

* Real testimonies from real users, their names have been changed to protect their privacy.
Our science validates that Nettle is a safe and highly effective alternative, offering numerous advantages over traditional treatments.

Below are the results from our clinical trial, a Triple-Blind, Randomised Sham-Controlled Trial, that focused on three metrics: pain, mood, and function or the ability to perform everyday tasks. In just one month’s of use each symptom improved by:



The average reduction in menstrual pain was 53%. This decrease continued over time, suggesting that the most significant reduction could be expected after 3 months of consistent use. Remarkably, over 44% of women reported minimal period pain (rated under 2 out of 10) after just one month of using Nettle. For comparison, painkillers typically only reduce pain by 45-53% on average¹, and it's estimated that at least 18% of women obtain no relief from NSAIDs².



During the PMS period, the average symptoms of low mood improved by 34%. Impressively, 100% of users with extremely severe low mood symptoms (PANAS score above 25) reported a shift to moderate or mild symptoms after just one month of using Nettle. Furthermore, the relief from low mood symptoms extended for an additional month after discontinuation of Nettle, indicating potential long-term improvements with continued use.



The average functionality, or fitness status, improved by 11%. This improvement is primarily attributed to reductions in pain and anxiety, as well as enhancements in mood, which collectively lead to increased activity levels. These benefits were directly associated with the use of Nettle and tended to diminish during the follow-up period, suggesting they are not directly brain-based effects but rather secondary effects of improvements in overall brain health and plasticity.

Zero severe side effects reported.

While Nettle may take time to reach it’s full effect (most users will feel its full effect after 3 months of consistent use), this natural approach is proven to not only yield longer-term results but also come with zero severe side effects.

Nettle Data

In real-life data with our early users the most commonly reported side effect was mild tingling during sessions which subsided shortly after.

Historical Data

A 2020 study that is a review of over 2,000 tDCS sessions found side effects to be mild, transient and well-tolerated.