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We are Samphire.

How can we be on the brink of artificial generalised intelligence, but still not understand and treat basic women’s health issues with rigour and respect?

Most women will spend most of their lives experiencing a menstrual cycle. And yet in 2023, our menstrual cycle-driven anxiety, low mood and irritability, and our pain symptoms, are still largely treated the same as our grandmothers’.

The world needs a women’s healthcare revolution. We’re leading it.

Tracking, diagnostics, and concierge-like experiences. We need them all, but they’re not enough. Where are the new treatments?

As a neuroscientist, I was surprised that menstrual physical and mental health symptoms were routinely ignored in my field.

Neuroscientists and women’s health clinicians don’t often work together. But now we are - every day, for every woman.

Emilė Radytė

Samphire's CEO and Co-Founder

Our team

Global. Growing. Leading the revolution.

Nine out of 10 women are affected by menstrual health conditions. We’re building the world class solutions they deserve.


CEO & Co-Founder
Scientist, researcher, ex-medic and leading health advocate.


CEO & Co-Founder
Commercial and product development specialist.


User Experience Manager
User researcher, design-thinker and product strategist.


Software Engineer
Experienced physicist and full-stack engineer.


Community and Growth
Brand and marketing expert in the women's health space.


Systems Engineer
Hardware, firmware, and full-stack development.

We are scientists, feminists, engineers, designers, lawyers, students and more.

Leading, trusted experts. With us every step of the way.

We’re working alongside leading scientists, clinicians and communities - including from the organisations shown here - to change the status quo.

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