More than $108 billion every year

is spent in the US alone on addressing female-specific health complaints.

lack of comprehensive treatment options for female-specific health conditions, including common ones such as PMS, dysmenorrhea and PMDD costs women health, a loss of quality life years and time with their loved ones.

This costs society in terms of productivity, wellbeing, and functioning healthcare systems.

Samphire provides a science-based, cost-effective medical solution for conditions affecting the quality of life for over 3 in 4 women, and is partnering with progressive employers and insurers to offer a personalised, one-of-a-kind benefit to address their needs.

Our research, in line with large meta-reviews such as this one (>32,000 respondents), shows that the vast majority of women (82.4%) have missed work, or been at work while ill, because of menstrual health challenges. Less than a quarter (24.4%) felt comfortable disclosing this to superiors. 71% of women report losing at least two days of productivity per month to menstrual cycle challenges. 27.6% report losing at least five days, and 15.7% report losing at least 10 days.

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